Wisdom Teeth Removal UtahWisdom teeth removal in Utah is a very common procedure and is recommended to be done by an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.  Dr. Christensen is one of the top experts in wisdom teeth removal in Salt Lake City. He performs them on a regular basis and does so with precision and care. A lot of our patients come from referrals and recommendations because of our high standards, skilled Oral Surgeon, State of the Art equipment, comfortable office and friendly staff.  Come see for yourself.

When is it right to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Many people need their wisdom teeth removed in their teenage years while others don’t need this procedure until they are in their twenties or thirties. Whichever category you fit into, Dr. Christensen and his friendly staff at Wasatch Oral Surgery are here to help.


Wisdom Teeth South Jordan

Wasatch Oral Surgery is located in South Jordan Utah and specializes in many types of oral and maxillofacial surgery including wisdom teeth removal.  Contact us today if you need an oral exam, your wisdom teeth removed or if you simply have some questions that you’d like to get answered.  We would love to help!

Remember when you come in for wisdom teeth removal surgery, be sure to bring a friend or family member with you.  It is important that you have someone to drive you home after the surgery as you will be under anesthesia for the duration of the removal. You will also receive medications to ease the pain after the surgery, as well as antibiotics to make sure that your mouth stays as healthy as possibly while it heals.

For anyone considering Wisdom Teeth removal in Utah we encourage you to give us a try.  We would love the chance to earn your trust and satisfaction and we promise to take care of you with the utmost care and precision.  We look forward to meeting you!